The Biosciences Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) proudly brings you two events aimed at enhancing your networking experience and enabling you to find the people and funding you need to develop your business and/or R&D.

Registration is CLOSED. If you wish to inquire about availability, please email

The venue for both of these events is

The Radisson Blu Hotel
301 Argyle Street
Glasgow, G2 8DL

A discounted rate of £50 is available to attend both events (£90 with conference dinner).

For a discounted rate on accommodation click this link.

Tuesday 10th September 2013

A healthy and sustainable aquatic supply chain

Objective: to bring together a range of organisations from across the aquatic supply chain to increase understanding of the issues from different perspectives and to identify common themes and opportunities for future collaborative work.

Aimed at: Businesses and academia working in the aquatic supply chain, including:

  • Fish and shellfish breeders
  • Feed companies including plant breeders
  • Algae producers
  • Fish and shellfish processors
  • Food retailers
  • Technology companies e.g. for traceability

Cost: £30; with conference dinner, £70



Wednesday 11th September

Funding opportunities to transform food waste into higher value products

A partnering event to bring together the food processing industry with technology providers to find solutions to reduce waste and add value.

Overview: This event will provide practical solutions to reducing waste in the food processing industry towards development of higher value co-products. Hear about case studies and funding opportunities in this field. During registration, you will be able to submit a question (anonymously) to our panel who can advise on any issues relating to developing higher value side streams.

Aimed at: Businesses and academia interested in adding value to food processing streams

  • Fish and shellfish breeders & processors
  • Algae processors
  • Catering companies
  • Food retailers
  • Brewing & distilling
  • Industrial biotechnology companies or RTO’s (e.g. bioprocessing, biofuel, bioenergy, biotransformation)
  • Chemical engineers

End-users: food industry, personal care, nutraceuticals, energy providers, pharma, green chemistry: biopolymers & chemicals, fine & speciality chemicals and animal feed companies.

Cost: £30; £70 with conference dinner (on 10th)



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