Conference Programmes

Tuesday 10th September 2013
09:00 Registration and Refreshments
Session 1 (Chair: Huw Jones, Biosciences KTN)
10:00 Welcome (Kezia Williamson, Biosciences KTN)
10:10 Application of molecular genetics in breeding  to improve the sustainability of salmon production (Alastair Hamilton, Landcatch Natural Selection)
10:40 Sustainable aquaculture begins with sustainable feed. Feeding the world through Aqua Science. (John Tinsley, BioMar Ltd)
11:10 Breeding for robust fish in aquaculture (Ingrid Olesen, Nofima)
11:40 Pitch Presentations (session 1)
12:00 Identifying Aquaculture Research Needs (Faith Smith, Merewyn Loder, BBSRC)
12:30 Lunch and Networking
Session 2 (Chair: Ian Macfarlane, Olokun Ltd)
13:30 Aquatic Products - Nutrition & Consumer Perceptions
(Jonathan Thomas, Leatherhead Food Research)
14:00 Ensuring a Safe, Ethical and Sustainable Aquatic Food Supply Chain (Jason Weeks, Cefas)
14:30 Fish Speciation Analysis Techniques (Pauline Titchener, Neogen Europe Ltd)
15:00 Pitch Presentations (session 2)
15:30 Refreshment break
15.45 Discussion and wrap-up
Evening: White Lounge/Room 15, Radisson Blu Hotel
19:00 Wine Reception and Dinner


Wednesday 11th September 2013
09:45 Welcome
Michelle Carter, Biosciences KTN
Session 1: Transforming food waste into higher value products
Chair: Stuart West, Biocatalysts Ltd & BKTN IB Sector Group Chair
KEYNOTE: Valorising side streams in the food processing industry
Tim Foster, Nottingham University
10:20 Applying industrial biotechnology in the food industry
Yvonne Armitage, Industrial Biosciences sector lead, Biosciences KTN
10:40 Pitches
11:00 Refreshments
Session 2: Case studies
Chair: Mike Theodorou, Harper Adams University
11:30 Value from Food Waste - beyond Anaerobic Digestion
Jeff Eaves, Green Chemistry Dept, University of York
11:55 New approaches for high-value products made from side streams of marine biomass
Kjartan Sandnes, Biomega, Norway
12:45 Lunch

Session 3: Open Forum
Chair: Bryan Hanley, Biosciences KTN

14:15 Panel discussion/ Q&A
Panel members: Stuart West, Biocatalysts Ltd; Tim Foster, Nottingham University; Jeff Eaves, University of York; Kjartan Sandnes, Biomega; TBC, Zero Waste Scotland; Angus Swincoe, Boots
Facilitator: Bryan Hanley, Biosciences KTN

Session 4: Finding funding
Chair: Lis Broome, Environmental Sustainability KTN

16:15 Pitches
Funding opportunites
Michelle Carter, Biosciences KTN
17:00 Close